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why choose our expert team
dr tristan d'souza

Dr. Tristan D’Souza

Dr. Tristan D'Souza is a distinguished alumnus of Victoria University, where he completed his Master's degree in Health Science, specialising in Osteopathy, and a Bachelor's degree in Science, also in Osteopathy. His educational path was deeply enriched by the valuable experiences he gained during his work with experienced clinicians and through treating patients in community clinics over three years. Tristan's academic journey was marked by a significant challenge: he had to take a six-month break due to a medical issue. This experience turned out to be a pivotal moment in his life. It highlighted the importance of a comprehensive healthcare approach that integrates various professionals' expertise, from doctors to osteopaths. This realisation of the holistic nature of health care profoundly influenced Tristan, fuelling his passion for Osteopathy and motivating him to use his skills to help others.

In addition to his specialisation in Osteopathy, Tristan is an accredited sports nutritionist. He advocates for a holistic approach to patient care, emphasising the need for close collaboration with each patient to customise treatment plans. His proficiency covers many conditions, from minor ailments to more severe, chronic issues. For Tristan, Osteopathy represents more than a standard solution; it is a collaborative journey he embarks on with each patient.

In pursuit of a more patient-centric clinic and a positive workplace, Tristan and his colleague Justin established Hybrid Health Systems. Tristan is dedicated to ensuring that excellent care begins the moment a patient enters and continues until they depart. His goal is to create a clinic that exemplifies the essence of patient health and well-being, a vision he is confident of achieving through Hybrid Health Systems.

Away from his professional life, Tristan is a fitness enthusiast. He was once an elite tennis player, but now, when not in the clinic or gym, he is often engrossed in books, continually seeking knowledge to enhance his capabilities as a healthcare provider.

Since his graduation, Tristan has committed to continuous learning and skill enhancement, as evidenced by his participation in various courses including Dry Needling (Levels 1 and 3 GEMT), Watson’s Headache Course (Level 1 practitioner), and Selective Functional Movement Assessment Screening. Tristan is steadfast in his belief that professional growth is an ongoing process, essential for providing the best possible care to his patients.

dr justin bartlett

Dr. Justin Bartlett

Dr. Justin Bartlett is a highly qualified and experienced professional in the health and fitness industry, with an impressive educational background and a diverse range of skills. His academic achievements include a Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy and a Master of Health Science in Osteopathy. He also holds Certificates III and IV in Personal Training from the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers, which underscores his expertise in fitness and training.

In addition to his formal education, Dr. Bartlett has completed several specialised courses to further enhance his skill set. These include the Selective Functional Movement Assessment Level 1, Functional Movement Systems Level 1, and the GEMt Dry Needling Level 1, indicating a strong foundation in movement analysis and therapy techniques. He has also completed a course in High-Velocity, Low-Amplitude Spinal and Peripheral Manipulation by Manual Medicine Australasia and the Watson Headache Approach Level 1 Course, showing a commitment to understanding and treating a wide range of physical conditions.

Dr. Bartlett has over half a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry, where he has worked with a diverse clientele. His clients range from powerlifting athletes to individuals with spinal cord injuries, showcasing his ability to adapt and provide customised care to a wide array of needs. His core belief is that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience their own form of excellence, whether it's in competitive sports or overcoming pain and physical limitations.

As an Osteopath, Dr. Bartlett has a particular interest in working with spinal conditions, shoulder, and hip complaints, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the musculoskeletal system. His role as a coach extends to working with strength and powerlifting athletes, helping them achieve success in their sporting endeavours. Moreover, he is dedicated to rehabilitation, not just helping clients get back on their feet but also in setting and achieving significant goals along the way.

Dr. Bartlett's expertise in coaching services is not limited to physical health. He also offers guidance in strength, nutrition, and overall well-being, highlighting a holistic approach to health. He understands the emotional aspects of the wellness journey, ensuring that his care is comprehensive and empathetic. This multifaceted approach to health and wellness makes Dr. Bartlett a unique and valuable asset to his clients, empowering them to achieve their health goals in a balanced and sustainable manner.

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